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Excerpt #1 Jolene - Good will win in the end

Eventually, Sean broke the ice by asking, "Did I hold up well during my interrogation?"

After pausing for what seemed like several eons to Sean, Jolene replied simply, "Very well. You give good answers."

Sean retorted, "You ask good questions."

After another long pause, Jolene very softly asked Sean, "Am I too young for you?"

He replied, "That all depends on whether I'm too old for you."

Excerpt #2

By 1755 hours, Sean's nerves were getting to him. Hoping to calm himself, Sean asked Max as off handily as he could, "Have you met my date?"

Max replied in the negative. Sean felt his level of tension rise to an even higher level. Sensing that Sean was jumpy, Max calmed him down by telling him that Kyra must have really used her considerable powers of eloquence on Jolene since the two had gone shopping on both Wednesday and Thursday nights. When Max mentioned that Kyra had returned home empty handed both nights, Max remarked that had been a first for Kyra.

At 1758 hours, Sean instinctively checked the other doors to The Palm Tree, partially to see if Kyra and Sergeant Jolene Scruggs had entered from another door, but mostly to make sure that he had a ready escape path if one was needed.

At exactly 1800 hours, the door opened and a gaggle of people entered The Palm Tree all at once. Standing, Max and Sean both saw Kyra's bobbing blonde mane from across the room. Seeing them, Kyra waved and then led a small parade of people heading for the tables. Since the others were all behind Kyra, the men in the group blocked any view of the approaching women. Feeling his internal organs getting ready to do cartwheels in his body cavity, Sean braced himself.

As Kyra neared their table, she turned to let her companion arrive at the table first. When Sean saw Jolene standing there in the flesh, two thoughts burst into his consciousness all mixed together. His left brain signaled him, DANGER! DANGER! TOO YOUNG! At the same time, his right brain signaled, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! SURRENDER NOW!

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