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Other readers have said...

Many authors have tried and failed to bring political intrigue alive in modern fiction - but Olsen's debut effort Good Will Win in the End wins in a landslide. With 20 years in business as a political consultant - I know the difference between winners and losers. This book has it all-compelling drama and genuine excitement. Olsen brings to life the real stresses and humor of life on the campaign trail that go largely unnoticed and unreported in the world of local politics. -Allen E. Blakemore, Blakemore & Associates, Houston, Texas

At a time in our lives when it seems that Bad is far ahead of Good in the human race, comes on the new novel, Good Will Win in the End, which is a refreshing look at new love for a widowed judge whose life is turned around by a beautiful lady-and by a ruthless columnist. The mix of romance, politics, and mystery will keep the reader turning the pages. Those who believe that the life of a judge is quiet and sedate will be shocked! -Jim Wyckoff, Attorney at Law, Houston, Texas

There’s a self-conscious act I undertake as a reader: to like or dislike the characters of any work of fiction I happen to be reading. If I don’t like the characters, I put the book down…usually after 10 or 20 pages. Barbara has seen me do this way more than once over the past 30 years; she knows my thoughts when I firmly snap the book closed and put it on the back-to-the-library pile.

I like the characters in Good Will Win in the End. I read it cover to cover. It allowed me to participate in the lives of the characters, plus I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

And anyone who uses the correct collective noun for a bunch of cats will get my attention every time anyway.  -  R. Baron, Houston, Texas

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride of a lifetime. Politics! Romance! Suspense! The novel captures the reader's attention from beginning to end! Every turn of the page is an unexpected pleasure. Judge Riley will steal the hearts of women, while Jo may just be that perfect gal. - Deanise Jagnanan, Baytown, Texas

This is by far the best novel picked up in quite a few years. The story line kept my attention from front cover to back. - Robert W. (Nevada)

I picked this book up as it is about a probate judge and I am a probate attorney. This is not an area of the law that attracts much attention as it lacks the glamor of the criminal practice or the high power litigation practice. I was somewhat taken aback initially as the first part of the book is a romance and that is not something that I usually read. However, Olsen delivers character development so effectively that I was soon hooked despite my best curmudgeonly efforts.

The romance is essential to the story and the book contains much more interesting and exciting aspects which the romance leads into. I was very pleased with his very accurate presentation of the interaction between lawyers and the bench, not only in court, but also in chambers and socially.

I don't want to spoil the story, but suffice it to say that Olsen's legal training shines through his attention to careful detail throughout the book. You are cautioned to pay attention to that detail as some of it becomes very important later.

The political part of the story is cutthroat, down and dirty. Having assisted in several political campaigns over my 30 years of practice, I found this to be the most fascinating part of the book.

Overall, the book is excellent... - Michael M. S. (Ohio)

What wonderful characters and a great story. you have it all romance, intrigue and surprises. - texaspepper "Lee" (Texas)

This book is easy to read and easy to enjoy. If you want to read about people you would meet and like in real life and about the inside details of politics and campaigns, you will have fun reading this this book. It is well crafted and full of details that will hold your interest. The love story is realistic and wlll probably strike a chord with all those who have loved and lost and loved again. - Stephanie W

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