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The Olsen/Sowell Wedding

On Saturday, May 31, 2008, Rory Olsen's daughter Christine Olsen married Brett Paul Sowell in services at Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church. The erception was held at The Courtyard on St. James.

We are delighted to offer for your enjoyment a selection of photos from the reception. Click the thumbnail photos for a large version.

Rory Olsen, the bride's father, proposing a toast to the bride and groom. Here Deanise Jagnanan on the left and Kathi Perkins on the right. Deanise Jagnanan on the left and Robin Day have their pictures taken.
Rory Olsen seated next to Deacon Ed Burnett, who presided over the ceremony, and his wife.

Deanise Jagnanan and Rory are doing Lord knows what.

Here Amy Gleason, Rory's court investigator, and Rory are in deep conversation.

In this one, Rory's arm is around Associate Judge, Georgia Akers. They are being watched by James Conrad, who is the Litigation Staff Attorney for Probate Court Number Three.




Rory standing with his right arm around Amy Rigby and his left one around Judge Akers. The tall blonde in the foreground is Helen Morris, also of Rory's staff.




From left to right, the first row is Cathy Alford, Javier Cuellar, Dorothy Harris, Amy Rigby, Rory Olsen, Judge Georgia Akers, Brandi Gailey and Deanna Marquart. Behind Deanna, you'll find Rene Stockwell. Next to Rene, you'll find James Conrad. Behind Rene, you'll find Becky Russell. Rita Dority is behind Dorothy Harris. Behind Rita is Margie Trevino. At the end of the second row on the left, you'll find Robin Day, the court reporter.
Rory in the company of the groom's mother, Pam, and the groom's sister, Allison. You can guess who is whom.

Here in this shot, Helen Morris is conspiring with Deanna and Richard to play a prank on someone.

In this shot, the bride and groom are engaging in a South Carolina custom in which the bride chews off several of the groom's fingertips.
This one from left to right contains Robin Day and Helen Morris.

In this one, the bride, Christine Anne Olsen Sowell, is entering the reception with her new groom, Brett Paul Sowell. In this pic, you'll find Mr. Sam Akers and the Hon. Georgia Akers.
The father of the bride is proposing a toast.
Read toast
Here we see Kelli and Jim Wyckoff. Beauty and the beast, A.K.A., Rory and his daughter dancing.
Carla Scanlan and her husband, the Hon. Jim Scanlan, Rory's predecessor as the judge of Probate Court No. Three.


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